Teeth Impression Kit

What's included in the Impression Kit:

  • 2 upper impression trays
  • 2 lower impression trays
  • 12 tubs of putty - enough to make 6 impressions
  • complimentary teeth brightening powder
  • free delivery and return postage within Australia and New Zealand
Our Impression Kit has been developed to give you a starting point to achieve the smile of your dreams from the comfort of your own home. Taking your own impressions gives us everything we need to build your treatment plan & fabricate your clear aligners. On average, we can deliver excellent teeth straightening results in 6 months.

Great impressions are the key to well fitting aligners. If for some reason your impressions aren’t approved, we will send you a re-do kit free of charge.

We treat mild to moderate cases with great results! Still not sure if our aligners will work for you? Take our free 30 second smile assessment to find out.


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